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Wines For Your Holiday Table

Spectacular Champagne & Burgundy Dinner

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DouxVin Wine Consultants will help you build your collection of fine wines, both collectables for investment and future consumption. DouxVin specializes in hard to find back vintages of great wines to drink now or continue to age until you're ready for that special occasion.

Private wine consultation
Building an exceptional collection
Strategic Cellar Management
Sourcing, purchasing and delivery
Investment Grade Wines
Back vintages of great wines to drink now
Consumption planning-buying with a mind to when you will imbibe


From an interest to a hobby to an obsession to a business is the path that led to the establishment of DouxVin.

Our experience is both personal and professional in building wine collections for individuals and restaurants/hotels as connoisseur and sommelier. You'll join us in the enjoyable pursuit of the perfect mix of wines for your signature cellar.


Our goal is to work closely with you, develop an understanding of your needs and bring you into the exciting and entertaining business of building an exceptional wine collection.

DouxVin Wine Strategies

182 Howard Street
Suite 416
San Francisco, CA


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